Thursday, September 15, 2011

DVR Can Hinder 2012 Campaigns

Since viewers nationwide are increasingly using DVR, voters can easily avoid campaign commercials. Barak Obama’s campaign for his 2008 presidential election was successful thanks to media outlets such as television commercials, and youtube. There is no doubt that viewers using their time-shifting DVRs recorded democratic debates, and commercials that influenced their votes for Obama’s election. However, if potential voters skip political ads with their time-shifting DVRs, it could mean a decrease in voter turn-out.

DVRs give viewers the chance to record rewind, and fast forward their favorite shows. An article from reports that in 2010 “34% of all TV households now own or lease a TiVo or similar product with time-shifting capabilities.” ( Roughly, one- third of the nation can fast-forward through campaign ads. Also, most of those who have access to these tools are between the ages of 18 and 44 years of age.

DVR and other products of its kind make it difficult to budget campaigns. Besides live television, what are other ways for campaigns to garner the support of younger citizens? Is it reasonable to invest in commercials that nearly one- third of the population will ignore?

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