Monday, September 26, 2011

Small Donors Are Slow to Return to the Obama Fold

In 2008, Obama received nearly 50% of his contributions from donors giving $200 or less, equaling 25% of Obama’s total record fundraising high. This indicated a widespread support base of Americans with moderate means. However, this widespread grassroots support will most likely not be replicated in the upcoming election.

As these Americans of moderate fiscal means become increasingly disenchanted and frustrated with Obama’s message and actions (shown by his sinking approval rate), less small donors have given money.

In the previous election, many of the small donors also volunteered in his campaign, canvassed, and participated in get out the vote efforts which also has implications for the next election.

So far in the election cycle, the vast majority of Obama’s past small donors have not yet given him any money at all. Although the president is more likely to raise more money than any of the Republican candidates next month, his political difficulties have raised questions about his ability to sustain future fundraising and his ability to garner votes.

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Colin said...

This isn't really all that surprising. Regardless of what you think of Obama's performance, it's easier to be inspired by a candidate with hopes and dreams than by a newly seasoned politician with four years of President-sized baggage. Also I'm sure the poor economic climate makes people less inclined to give to political campaigns.