Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9/11: The New Generation Rises

For anyone who is interested, the Center for American Progress is having an event called 9/11: The New Generation Rises, this Thursday from 12-1:30. (It includes a free lunch.) I have been to a lot of CAP events before, and they are normally very intriguing. Their website says the event is about:

The attacks of 9/11 left a permanent mark on the psyche of the American people. For those who were in middle or high school or just starting college in 2001, their lives and worldviews were changed by the attacks in a way that no other event could compare in the most formative years of their young lives. How do they view the role of America in the world? Did they see a change in the culture and temperament of this country? And did the attacks change what it meant for them to be an American? From the media they consume to the career paths they choose, the 9/11 Generation will shape American policy and identity in the coming decades, just as they were shaped by that fateful day.

T0 RSVP follow the link. Their events often fill up quickly so if you want to go RSVP soon.

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