Monday, March 21, 2011

What the US is teaching the world...

In this opinion piece by Jonathan Schwarz, he touches on the recent aciton the U.S. has taken in Libya -- if the United States asks your country to disarm and eliminate WMD and all biological or chemical weapons, the likelihood of being attacked by the US increases. Iraq in 2003 and Libya are prime examples of this trend. According to Schwarz, the United States doesn't want countires to have WMD because we fear we are going to be attacked, but "we oppose them having WMD because that would allow them to deter us from attacking them." We are the bad guys, it seems. Can the American people stomach this?

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Ryan Karerat said...

Am I supposed to believe this situation would be better off if Qaddafi had WMD's?

Seems like he's trying to take the idea that the US might not want potential enemies to have WMD's and thus diminish our military advantage to somehow be a sensational or repugnant idea.