Monday, March 21, 2011

The Priorities of "Deficit Reduction"

Thank you Republicans and Democrats on the Agricultural Committee- clearly in this case you are making a sensible policy choice!
Coincidentally, Republicans have introduce the Welfare Reform Act of 2011- another charming piece of legislation.


Maggie said...

In economic terms, farm subsidies make absolutely no sense. Subsidies create a deadweight loss to society that is not compensated by any social benefit. In fact, although proponents argue that such subsidies are crucial for small farmers, the vast majority of taxpayers' dollars go to the largest farms. In the international market, subsidies impede trade and impose costs on the global economy.

It's incredibly frustrating that these outdated and economically unfounded policies continue to remain in place because of the support of a small number of self-interested beneficiaries. Republicans insist that we must make difficult sacrifices in order to reduce our budget, but that doesn't mean that the sacrifices should not be smart ones.

Patrick_Landers said...

for the sake of fairness, it's really farm-state Republicans and Democrats holding hands on this issue (it just seems like more of a Republican issue because there are more farm-state Republicans, and because Republicans don't go out of their way to point out tax loopholes and expenditures)