Thursday, March 31, 2011

So How is the BP Oil Spill Cleanup and Recovery Going?

The current scenario shows all signs of massive corruption:

Beaches still not fully cleaned up. Check.

No workers actively cleaning up beaches. Check.

BP rent-a-cops patrolling beaches that are still dirty with oil to make sure journalists can't take pics. Check.

Lawyer in charge of distributing $20 billion fund gets salary from BP. Check.

Fresh oil washes ashore with no reports of any new spills. Check

Same lawyer's salary goes from $800,000 PER MONTH, to $1.25 million PER MONTH. Check.

Widespread charges of fraud and negligence charged against BP fund. Check.

BP fund recipients claim their payouts were inadequate. Check.

BP fund recipients legally unable to sue BP, or any other company involved for further damages. Check.

I hate that the media is so obsessed with the cobra escape, the teen mom backyard brawl, and Charlie Sheen that they can't do their actual job of watchdog and report on something like this.

Anybody want to play Joe Barton?

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