Friday, March 25, 2011

Inside Job + Lawyers = Two Big to Prosecute (by the government)

I hope Ian and John are not doing the dirty work, but how do we correct the problem of too big to fail. (Maybe make the corporations smaller...).


jwhitney said...

I wouldn't worry about it David.

The Civil Division of the DOJ, since April 2009, has sought and recovered over $4 billion in civil enforcement and our office particularly (Office of Consumer Litigation) - since January 2009 - has convicted over 50 defendants with imprisoned criminal penalties exceeding $2 billion for illegal activities in connection with defrauding consumers. During the same time period, over 25 defendants were sentenced to some form of incarceration, receiving a total of more than 90 years.

How 'bout them apples.

We'll keep doing what we do - how bout you guys worry about finding things to fill up your daily schedule.

Ian Thresher said...

Yeah, waddup?