Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why I'm Concerned

The honest truth is that Democrats are willing to bend a lot in any final agreement- the question is whether that will be enough, or will we fail to enact deficit reduction because conservatives hold too hard of a line? Many Democrats have already shifted massively to the right from where they were just 10 years ago- the Reagan shift is still in effect and growing.

Of course, my bigger fear is that they'll only enact the stupid ideas of deficit reduction because Senate Democrats are so panicked they'll feel they need to pass anything, even though Republicans won't give on anything. We shall see. I'm still sickened by the heavily politicized thinking that goes into policymaking on this issue and every other one- the idea that we'd cut food stamps before farm subsidies is just mind-blowing.

Image Source: http://www.granitegrok.com/pix/TEA_sign_2.jpg


TJE said...

Democracy is messy, but it's the best we have. Don't fall victim to the Friedman's vision of technocratic neo-authoritarianism.

TJE said...

This intellectual history of the ruling class and the country class puts the tea party in a broader context. For Patrick and PBM:


TJE said...

Intellectual history of Tea Party: