Monday, January 16, 2012

Touring the Capital

After a long weekend of packing, driving, and schlepping boxes into the new apartment, I finally got a chance to catch a few of the sites and sounds of Washington, D.C.  I started out the morning with a great run through the city that ended at the Washington Monument, a truly impressive sight.  The city was filled with tourists, being Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which provided an air of excitement.  I ran through Adams Morgan, down 18th, and onto Pennsylvania Ave.  My surroundings shifted from restaurants and bars, to glass buildings in the financial district, to Grecian columns and white marble.  I have the say, the latter of the group was by far the most impressive, which included the White House, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, the Treasury, and the Washington Monument, among others.

After my run, which was characterized by frequent stops as I took it all in, I ventured out again with Sam, Eric, and Amy.  We took the train to Metro Center, walked around the National Mall, and snapped plenty of pictures.  In addition to the sites that I visited during my run, we went to the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Federal Reserve, Department of Justice (where I'll be tomorrow morning for my first day of work), and, most importantly, Occupy D.C.  We managed to squeeze in a lot on our last day before internships begin.

I uploaded all of the pictures on Facebook, so feel free to check them out.  More on Wednesday; we will be visiting the Newseum, which I've heard is awesome.  For all of you back on the Hill, best of luck with the new semester!


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