Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gingrich= Bad News

As Sam stated "I'm not happy about this [Gingrich winning] at all." As Governor of the Great and Noble state of New Jersey, Chris Christie stated, the former speaker has embarrassed our party and our country with his various infractions throughout his years in congress. I understand that many conservative republicans do not trust Romney, I've heard them over the phone, but what this faction of the party must realize NOW is that Gingrich is not even close to electable. I hope that conservative republicans realize that if they vote for Gingrich they are handing the election to Obama for another four years. This election is and has to be about removing Obama from office and Romney is the only republican candidate that has a shot. Newt simply does not have the social fiber, the trust of the American people, and control of his mouth (like Perry, I cringe every time he opens his mouth). I am also shocked that conservatives in South Carolina voted for a man who recently attacked a republican candidate for practicing Capitalism.. That's disgraceful.
Also who cares if Romney is a mormon, what is the difference? (I understand the difference, it is just dumb). Social Conservatives need to get their priorities in order and vote for the one candidate that has a realistic chance to challenge socialism and redirect our nation in the RIGHT direction. Newt is offering to redirect this country, but it is idealistic and the complete wrong direction. Ultimately, Romney is the far better candidate to represent the ideals of the GOP in a national forum.

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TJE said...

WSJ on Newt: "Mr. Gingrich's biggest problem is that more voters say they dislike than like him. In a recent Fox News poll, 56% said they had an unfavorable view of him, versus 27% favorable. That's a net unfavorable rating of minus-29%, compared with a plus-5% for Mr. Obama and plus-7% for Mr. Romney."