Monday, January 23, 2012

No way... maybe if I become president... maybe in April... well, alright, I guess this Tuesday

America's infatuation with Mitt Romney's tax returns continues.  After conceding to popular indignation, or perhaps just voters' raw curiosity, Mitt Romney has agreed to release his 2010 tax returns, along with 2011 estimates, well ahead of schedule.  Depending on the extent of his fortune and how voters perceive his financial activities, Romney's willingness to release them could either quell skepticism, or prove to be another strike against him.  We will have to see whether Americans sentence him to the pillory, or prove to be appreciative of his gesture.  The attached Politico article outlines why Romney's tax returns have caused such an uproar

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Dylan Wulderk said...

Color me cynical, but I feel like there has to be something Romney is hiding--or doesn't want out there. He'd have released them quickly if there wasn't. And he chose the same day as the President's State of the Union address to do so. He knows that's going to suck up most of the media attention for the rest of the week. If they're bad, the aftershock won't be as bad. Just a thought.