Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"This Just In...Hamiltonians visit the Newseum"

Today we had our first class in which one of our discussions centered around we the current Republican nomination situation. Which leads me to share this gem of a video: Of course, Democrats have their fair share of gaffs as well, but the current spotlight is on the Republicans meaning entertaining videos of this sort are much easier to find.

Additionally, we had our first excursion as a group to the Newseum. The Newseum is a museum dedicated to all things related to freedom of speech and news (papers, shows, reporters etc). One of the highlights was the 4D adventure in which we all successfully traveled through time surviving the revolutionary war, rats at an insane asylum and some casual bombings during WWII. Go us.

Other highlights included the history of news, first dog exhibit, and the interactive news section. The interactive part had computer games testing ones knowledge of the museum. In the race of rights quiz game, I helped runner "Bill O' Rights" beat the competing runner "Dick Tatorship"....see what they did there?).

Speaking of the puns, the Newseum had a variety of entertaining paraphernalia:
Don't worry, there  was also "Democrap Donkey Dung". As always, the news is never biased. Right? (**cough cough Fox News)


Anything news related...including facebook!

The reward for Lincoln's assassin  is the same price as one year of Hamilton tuition now. Obviously not counting inflation and such. Still thought it was mildly entertaining. 

And here is a group photo with our self proclaimed "fearless leader":

Overall it was a great first day of class and field trip. I am looking forward to the groups continued discussions and debates regarding the republican nominations and upcoming elections. 


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