Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tea Party vs. OWS

Since there have been lots of comparisons drawn between the two movements, I thought it would be good to once again show their differences.

Since this chart is created by a Tea Party site, it is a bit biased, but many of its points are completely valid.

One that stood out to me was the fact that OWS has begun getting arrested for violent behavior, while the Tea Party has only been accused of violent rhetoric.

If you can't read the chart I uploaded, you can follow the link to a larger version, which will expand


Will McCurry said...

Has anyone in the Tea Party been shot by the police in the head and put into a coma for peacefully protesting? Oh wait, not that I know of. What happened to Scott Olsen was incredibly tragic and was by no means an appropriate response to break up a protest. We want to talk about constitutional rights? What about the 1st amendment and our right to free speech, assembly, and to petition our government.

Beaumont said...

Yeah, it was very sad what Happened to Scott Olsen. I'm not defending that. Its really sad that he can't get his point across peacefully without getting injured in the fray.

In an attempt to try to explain why this never happened to the Tea Party rallies: All I can say is that they never escalated to a violent or unsafe point.
Scott was peacefully protesting. But unfortunately others around him (or even others in the cause) weren't, which sadly led to him getting injured in the madness. OWS needs to be more compliant with the authorities to avoid future any more violence.

My argument was more directed at the media side of things, and how the Tea Party got blasted for having violent rhetoric when indeed OWS protesters have thrown rocks & bottles at police, thrown rocks through windows, etc. I was intending to point out the hypocrisy in their general partisanship: negatively viewing a peaceful rally, and more or less praising a violent one.