Thursday, November 10, 2011

Republican Jobs plan and tracker

As I brought up in the debate, the Republicans have realistic and well thought out plans to get our economy back on track and get America back to work.

Here's the link to the House GOP's jobs plan:

and a link to Majority Leader Cantor's site which tracks Republican efforts to create jobs in America:


alexrued said...

instead of "linking" us to the site, could you please read it and synopsize it yourself. I can't read from the internet, except for school blogs (family rule!)

Will McCurry said...

Food for thought

Now I am not entirely sure how valid this argument is, I remain somewhat skeptical that there really is no net gain or loss to imposing regulations, but it is interesting that reputable economists from Stanford have suggested that new regulations have only a minimal effect on employment. I think it would be worthwhile to consider that some regulations might after all be worth it if they are protecting the American people from hidden environmental, health, and other costs.

Also in regards to the corporate tax issue, I would agree that in order to make U.S. businesses more competitive that cutting these effective rates might make good economic sense. However I would remind everyone that the effective U.S. individual income tax rate for those making over $100,000 is the second LOWEST in the entire world. (Only Russia has a lower tax rate). Perhaps tax increases on the individual income rate for the rich would help justify cutting corporate rates. If I were in a position of power, I would certainly be more willing to compromise if a deal like that one were made.