Monday, November 7, 2011

The cost of DOMA

With the Senate Judiciary Committee looking to vote on the "Respect for Marriage Act" this week, a group of 70 large corporations, trade organizations, and non profits including Google, Starbucks, Nike and Time Warner have spoken up about the real economic cost of the Defense of Marriage Act's policies and have recommended it's repeal. Ironically, their position is founded in a common piece of conservative thought, that regulation is not cheap.

Meanwhile, Speaker Boehner is continuing to use taxpayer's money to support DOMA through a private attorney. If this is a new era of curtting big government spending, how does the speaker justify bankrolling such a discriminating policy as DOMA? Especially when it seems the policy is further detrimental to the economy?

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alexrued said...

It doesn't look like Americans will accept any justification for long.