Thursday, March 17, 2011

Should this be federal or state policy?

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kstill said...

When I first looked at this post, my gut response was that it did not really matter to me whether driving age is controlled by the states or the federal government.

But when I look back on my driving career I realize there is some room for improvement on this topic. When I took my driving test I think I did one right turn, one left turn, a k-turn, a parallel park, and drove down two blocks in moderate traffic. The entire endeavor probably took 10 minutes.

I still do not have strong feelings as to whether or not the government needs to make regulations on driving age, but I wouldn't mind some kind of incentive or influence by the federal government to make the driving test a little bit harder. I'm sure all of us have a least one friend that we think is a sub-par driver, and making sure all future drivers are better drivers would be fine with me.