Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Please Change the Primary Calendar!

I am pretty excited about this. Maybe we can finally see a change in the schedule. While the current system is nice because it makes a state like Iowa actually matter in the whole scheme of things, I for one HATE that IOWANS have so much power influencing presidential outcomes (New Hampshirites too). This is like putting the Lions-Bengals game on Monday Night Football, people will care because it is Primetime, but wouldn't everyone rather see the Eagles beat the Giants?


TJE said...

At this rate, the nomination may decided before the Superbowl.

... said...

I think there's something really important just in the institutional history of the primary schedule. Iowans treat the caucuses like it's their birthright--and the same goes for the New Hampshire primaries. Both states' voters engage in retail politics, where they won't vote for you until you've sat down and had coffee with you five times. They routinely reject national 'fad' candidates in favor of candidates that have really put in the time laying out their agenda. It's easy to see NH and IA as random or weird choices to kick off the primary season, but I think there's real value in the political culture and history that's been developed in those states.

njDylan said...

I agree with what you said but i think you misinterpreted me a little. I do not suggest that Iowa doesn't treat each election as the Holy Grail, because I know they do. And in order to win Iowa, something mastered by the great Plouffe himself, a candidate must give their respect to Iowa and their traditions. Everyone I know from those states always mention what a blessing it is to be able to meet EVERY single candidate EVERY election year. But you don't think it would be nice if your state mattered? I don't think you are trying to suggest that Iowans are more political than anyone else? And as for you "fad" statement, I think that is a common misconception. It used to be that, in the 80's, you would some unconventional winners, but now (since 96, aside from Huckabee this past election), the winner in Iowa has gone on to win the nomination. I just am not comfortable with the fact that a single state can wield that much power to influence the election and also garner such unwarranted respect from possible presidential candidates.