Tuesday, March 15, 2011

High speed passengerless rail


TJE said...

I must not be as good a provocateur as Lachlan. No one will rise to the bait about high speed rail in Florida, which would produce thousands of job.

Megan said...

Haha, I think people have a natural tendency to stay away from arguing with their professor

Patrick_Landers said...

meh. I just think everyone agrees that the florida route is clearly stupid policy. The only reason why the Obama administration went for it is politics.
The only thing I'd take away from the Florida route is it's another example of Obama's excessive reliance on cautious political advisers who may keep him around forever but never get anything accomplished. I feel like Obama & Co. actually get the politics horribly wrong on any important policy measure. What's with this "Win the Future" crap? I'd much rather see serious yet smart deficit reduction.
What's the point of Obama winning the 2012 election? Democrats are probably going to lose the Senate. Obama better grow a spine before then, when he won't be able to psuedo-rely on a Democratic-controlled chamber. He can't allow the crazies that currently control the Republicans to walk all over him.
Obama > Republicans, but that's not much of a choice.