Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog Records Broken!!!

I was intrigued about how our semester’s blog activity compares to past groups, so I reviewed the blog’s history and have made two important discoveries:

1) Blog activity as measured by number of posts receiving comments is up- only one other semester even comes close to our level of reactions to one another’s posts. We are either a very combative bunch, a supportive bunch, or both.

2) We’ve broken records! The most commented post in the past received only 20 comments (ignoring one video post which appears to have been spammed by Chinese/Japanese spam comments- about 30 comments for that one, but none were in English so I think we can safely ignore that one as an outlier).

In just the first half of this semester, we have repeatedly increased the stakes, with various posts (at this time- several of them are still being added to) receiving 24, 30 (twice), 32, 37, and 50 comments.

Possible explanations for this uptick in blog activity:

1) We are underworked and have more time on our hands. (unlikely!)
2) We are smarter than past semesters so we have more to say. I could see how this might be true ;)
3) Washington is more tumultuous this semester, so we have more to talk about.
4) We are more stubborn than past groups. (This one I suspect is most likely to be true.)


TJE said...

5. More prone to long comments that require multiple posts.

TJE said...

6. Megan, a great American.

Megan said...

Thanks Professor! I would probably change it to:
6. Megan, always needs the last word.