Monday, February 7, 2011

Obama: The "Worst Part" of Being President.

In a pre-superbowl conversation with Bill O'Reilley, Obama admitted some of the downfalls of being president. His comments made me think back to our class discussion of the presidency. His words seem to echo Professor Eismeier's comment that being the president may be a very isolating and frustrating job:

"the biggest problem for me is being in the bubble… and over time you feel like you are not able to have a spontaneous conversation… that’s a loss."

"Every decision that comes to my desk is one that nobody else has been able to solve, the easy stuff has already been [dealt with]"

"Obama said it was 'probably true' when O’Reilly asked him whether he had become 'more guarded' since taking office, explaining that he did, indeed, feel 'the weight of the office'"

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