Sunday, February 27, 2011

Potentially Diastrous Situation on the High Seas



jwhitney said...

I have to say I kind've agree with the author's opinions here. I believe that the author's mantra he notes near the end of the article of "security first" has become a social norm in terms of post-9/11 national security. I can see how people might be worried that commerical ships are now going to potentially have the green light to start firing warning shots at any potential "pirate ship," but I think if you know what your doing when driving your boat on the water, you'll know the rules and won't test the boundaries by getting too close to a carrier.

Anonymous said...

I agree. There is a certain danger that lurks for operators of vessels when they are controlling their ships. Security forces worldwide must remember both enforcement efforts and to properly analyze the situation before such efforts take place.