Monday, February 28, 2011

Supreme Court Visit: Camreta v. Greene

Tomorrow I will watch the oral arguments in the Camreta v. Greene case, which promises to be far more exciting than the cases John got to watch today. Camreta v. Greene has garnered a lot of media attention and marks the first time the Supreme Court has heard a case on the constitutional rights of children in 21 years. The case revolves around a Child Protection Agent and a Police Officer who pulled a 9 year-old girl out of class to ask her questions about possible sexual abuse. The Child Protection Agent held the girl in a room and interrogated her for two hours. Supposedly, the girl kept denying that she was the victim of abuse, but when she saw the school bus arrive to take everyone home she just started saying yes to all of the Agent's questions. The case is very important because it will not only help settle what kinds of rights children possess but also the power of the 4th Amendment.

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