Monday, February 21, 2011

Libya: Another Crisis

While D.C. always has a few major ongoing issues and unexpected crises, I think our semester is proving to be an especially tumultuous time. Our debates are amply demonstrating this. 2011 is arguably the most important year for federal budget issues since 1974, if not since WWII, and those issues will take months to resolve. This week's debate about public sector unions, of course related to FY2012 being the "states' most difficult budget year on record," also discusses a moment where we might see a dramatic transformation of American society. Organized labor as a major force in U.S. society and politics could be at an end.

Even our debate on Egypt is proving to be an ongoing issue, with Bahrain (see Ryan's article) and now Libya experiencing major turmoil. Related to our debate, one aspect of this article in particular stood out to me:

"But unlike the situation it confronted in Egypt, a vital U.S. ally with important strategic interests, the Obama administration as far less at stake in Libya- and far less leverage."

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Patrick_Landers said...

"Human-rights groups have reported hundreds of Libyans being killed by snipers, artillery, helicopter gunships, hammers and swords being used against peaceful demonstrators, as well as tanks crushing protesters and women and children dying by jumping into a Benghazi river in an effort to escape the onslaught"