Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fix the Deficit with the Click of a Button!

Found this tool online a little while ago that shows you how much certain policies could affect the deficit. I'm not sure what some of the options even mean, and they may be somewhat limited, but its still fun to play around with.


Patrick_Landers said...

Ezra Klein had a good blog post about deficit calculators ( In addition to his comments on CEPR's (Center for Economic Policy Research)-that it introduces non-mainstream ideas (which is basically what the center always does), I'd note that the organization is solidly progressive. It's financial speculation tax, fed reserve holding of debt, government medicare negotiation of drug prices, public option, cuts in military spending, and defense and expansion of Social Security are policy positions CEPR and it's director Dean Baker (who actually spoke at Hamilton College our freshman year) are always making.

PBM said...

Good to know. I actually think I like this New York Times one the best: Thanks.