Friday, February 18, 2011

David Foster Wallace on Work & Life

"David Foster Wallace on Work & Life" is an article adapted from a 2005 commencement speech at Kenyon College. While it is not related to politics, I really enjoyed the piece and it truly changed the way in which I think.

Wallace says that the liberal-arts cliche about "teaching yourself to think" really means "learning how to exercise control over how and what you think." He explains that
liberal-arts education should teach students how to live without forgetting what is "real and essential."

ENJOY and happy friday.


TJE said...

Thoughtful address. Sad ending to the life of a genius. Have you read any of his novels?

Anna Mikhailovich said...

I have not but I would like to add one to my long list of books to read- do you have any suggestions?

TJE said...

I haven't read his work. I may start with Broom of the System.

kstill said...

I meant to comment on your post earlier but I got sidetracked by the weekend. I've read this speech many times before and I'm glad you posted it. Seeing as how I am a glutton for punishment, I tried to read Infinite Jest, but I got 200 pages in and gave up. I would suggest starting out with one of his essay-compilation books or Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.