Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today's Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Hearing on s.1733

Links to the Senate Committee's homepage where you can find a webcast of the hearing (it was over 3 hours long though...) and the majority and minority statements. I attended the hearing this morning, and since there was so much media presence, they only let in 9 people. I sat there for 2 hours starting at 7:30 only to view it from an overflow room (bahh!). Most Senators attended, though, so it's interesting to take a look at. Looks like our cap & trade debators did a pretty good job, as most of the same topics were debated today! Boxer dominated the room and took advantage of her power by refuting points made by the Republican Senators and fielding a first panel filled with EPA administrators and cabinet members. Very reminiscient of the reading for tomorrow in terms of how committee meetings operate, however I saw much less bipartisanship, consensus, and "unitary government" than the reading promised....

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