Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama graces NJ with his presence

The NJ and VA gubernatorial elections will arguably set a tone for 2010 elections. This is how Obama weighs in:
"'Jon Corzine was one of the best colleagues I had in the Senate, and he is one of the best partners I have in the White House,' Obama told a roaring crowd at Fairleigh Dickinson University's Rothman Center."
-Spare me, Mr. President, please. You were were in the Senate together for a few months.

"'You've had a leader who has fought for what matters most to the people of New Jersey,' Obama said."

-Last time I checked, what matters most is property taxes, and we have the highest in the nation!

The article goes on to note that, "Republican candidate Christopher J. Christie has, by contrast, spent the week meeting voters in small settings to discuss property taxes, which polls consistently rank as the top issue in the state."

-Now that's what I'm talking about!


Lachlan said...

Now we just have to hope that this is the first election ever decided on the issues.

Olivia W. said...

Thanks for helping me do my research, buddy!!