Friday, October 23, 2009

Spanish versus English

I have attached a link about cops being investigate for ticketing drivers for not speaking English.

"Under the Dallas City Code, taxi drivers must be able to communicate in English. Mitchell said there is also a federal statute that says commercial drivers must speak English, but it would not have applied in this case."

I fail to see how the latter part does not apply in this situation. And shouldn't English be a law for drivers considering all the street signs and warnings are in English? (If someone says we should make them bilangual...)

This is the second time Spanish has come up at work today. Today we had two callers who demanded to speak to someone who could speak Spanish because they did not know enough English for their complaint. Anyone else find this a little ridiculous?

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Lachlan said...

It's ridiculous that they would think they're entitled to a Spanish speaking person in the office. But if Gilly really wanted to secure those Hispanic votes, she would probably hire someone who could speak Spanish. Easy way to make constituents happy.