Sunday, June 19, 2011

Would Blackface go over better?

I actually find all of Reggie Brown's quoted jokes here quite funny and perfectly acceptable. This is comedy people- learn to take a joke. If you're going to be ballsy enough to invite a Presidential impersonator to an official Party event to make jokes about the President (btw, where's the patriotism and respect for American institutions?), then grow a pair and accept perfectly harmless jokes about your own Party's candidates. If you can't take it, then you shouldn't be willing to have other people dish it out for you. Plus, you end up looking even worse on the racial elements involved.


Megan said...

probably a poor choice to invite him in the first place

Patrick_L said...

yes, I agree. That is probably the biggest point I would take away. It just screams bad politics.

But once he was there, it was bad to usher him offstage.