Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is IPAB anti-constitutional?


TJE said...

CAP wants to expand the power of IPAB:

Patrick_L said...

not that I’m particularly a fan of this exact approach for improving the health care sector (moving IPAB beyond Medicare), I'll just point out that I don't see it being unreasonable for IPAB to expand into the exchanges at least. It's also important to note that the comparative evidence suggests this approach- expanding government intervention in health care- would reduce costs, enable expansions in coverage and access, and not harm quality.

But it would limit people’s freedom to be unable to afford health care.

On the George Will front, I'd just quickly make the point that conservatives are increasingly arguing for an 18th or 19th century government. Unfortunately, we only had those governments because of 18th and 19th century conditions that no longer apply, and if we still had 18th or 19th century government, we'd likely have 19th century living standards and be an occupied territory of Germany or Russia. Static societies die, and rightfully so. We're still far more different and uniquely "American" (in a Will & Co. fantasized sense) than other Anglo-Saxon countries, let alone any other developed nation.