Thursday, November 12, 2009

Those Damn Tourists

Kiplinger's article presents a pretty accurate and funny commentary on the tourist phenomenon in Washington. The numbers he cites are incredible, and they never seemed more true than during this morning's commute when I was greeted by a sea of teenage tourists on the escalator. I'm comfortable saying "tourists" because they seemed to think it was okay to stand on the left side of the escalator (the horror!). Things only got worse as I had to weave through "high school students, under the chilling watch of chaperoning teachers" and then wait two minutes for the line ahead of me to creep through the turnstiles. Yet, as much as I enjoy complaining with fellow commuters and bloggers about our obviously tortured lives, I can't help but feel slightly unfair. Kiplinger makes a good point that there is a ton of history in DC, and I think it's a little absurd to blame outsiders for wanting to experience it. So from now on I will do my best to keep quiet and smile nicely, whether it be to an old woman mystified by her new metro card or a young child stunned motionless by the size of the escalator.

However, I will still enjoy watching a confused family get caught in the merciless doors of the good ol' DC Metro. That will never get old.

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Eddie A said...

Haha. "Merciless doors of the good ol' DC Metro." It feeds on the souls of the young.