Monday, November 30, 2009

From Wonkette: "Saxby Chambliss Thinks Georgia Looks Like *This*"

"Georgia slaveowner Sen. Saxby Chambliss recently participated in this thing from National Geographic, which “invited all 100 U.S. Senators to draw a map of their home state from memory and to label at least three important places.” Most of the participating Senators sketched their states admirably. Chambliss, meanwhile, drew Mississippi, but with more saw teeth on the borders (to keep the Africans out) and a rectangle called “mountains.” This is truly catastrophic."


Ayush Soni said...

I love Senator Durbin's (Illinois) third city: Metropolis (home of Superman)

Olivia W. said...

Honestly, I think Chambliss was the only one who actually drew his state from memory. The other drawings are just way too accurate haha.

Philip Klinkner said...

That's not a fair contest. The Senator from Colorado and Wyoming have a huge advantage.