Thursday, November 12, 2009

Segwayists Invade DC

Segwayists Invade DC
I'm surprised Kiplinger didn't mention anything about Segway Tours. They practically ran rampant around the Justice Department building a few weeks ago. At least until the U.S. Marshals Task Force was called in (just kidding). Not sure if Segways really make a worthwhile tour, but definitely an innovative one. Some of my favorite places to visit have actually been outside of the city of Washington. Alexandria and Arlington (where I work) are somewhat of tourist hotspots as well, if you know where to look. Of course, I'll never run out of things to do at the Smithsonian museums. I could probably spend 100 years in Washington and still not see (or understand) all of the museums and events. As the weeks progress, I've felt less like a tourist and more like a temporary resident, which is what we literally are, I suppose. Like Olivia mentioned in her post, I try to immerse myself in DC life by seeing what other Washingtonians are doing. I could make a mile-long list of things I have done and seen here in DC that I would've never been able to image before coming here: White House twice, Capitol building, Pentagon, Justice Department building.... all unforgettable and interesting experiences, even if you do call me a tourist.

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Olivia W. said...

True life: I've been tempted to do this many times.