Thursday, November 12, 2009

On Meyer

It said this posted, but it isn't showing up on the front page, so I wanted to repost.

Meyer kind of brought to the front of my mind something that's bugged me intermittently since I've gotten here. We're living in a city in which the majority of the population is black. And we never really see that. If you head over to Adams Morgan, you get a little bit of a better feel for it, but Connecticut Ave, through our most well-traveled parts anyway, is just this overwhelmingly white corridor. So while we may more or less avoid the issues of 1930s/1940s D.C. that Meyer encountered, we still pretty clearly have a problem, I think.

In a lot of ways we're insulated from this reality. If somebody lived in Adams Morgan, took the metro up to the Giant in Van Ness, and went to work by taking the Red Line down into Metro Center or Union Station or Farragut, that person would never know they lived in a city that was over 60% non-white. And that's weird to me. Not that it isn't true in a lot of other cities, I'm sure, but I've never lived in a city before, so this is striking to me. Just my two cents.

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