Thursday, November 12, 2009

On Kiplinger

This reading got me thinking about all the lovely tourists I encounter at work. For the most part, intern alley in our office is well insulated from these trouble makers. Last week there were many tourists who showed up to Hart, the building in which I work, to make a point about health care. There was a particular group of people who entered Lieberman's office with a mission. They left in hand cuffs. This event was a highlight for the most of us, adding a little bit of excitement to our day. Even Big John walked over to the window to catch a view.

"Sounds of screams and dragging feet alert the office to newly arrived guests of the nation’s capitol. These tourists are of a different breed: they seek to make a point. With shouts of fury they alert the building to their presence. Staffers flock to windows seeking a better view. These tourists turned criminals want their voices heard. We just want a little entertainment."

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