Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thoughts on Meyer and Kiplinger

I should preface this post to say that I do not have any deep thoughts on Meyer and Kiplinger, and I will instead endeavor to highlight a few interesting things I found in each article.

My main thought reading these two articles was how these two articles, along with a couple other articles we have already read on Washington, DC life (notably Brinkley) all describe the city around the time of World War II - and all from a different perspective. Brinkley describes the experience of single young women (especially those enlisted in WAVES) and their housing troubles; Meyer describes the living conditions for Blacks; and Kiplinger describes the experience of the tourist. That a different portrait of the city emerges each time is a testament, I think, to how this city is a bit more multi-faceted than many give it credit. It is also, I think, evidence of the transformations the city underwent circa WWII.

My other thought was upon reading Kiplinger's mention of the Adams Memorial - I remember it was mentioned by Alter and again recently in a NY Times article, so I think I'm going to find the time sometime soon to go and see it for myself.

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