Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inspired by Kiplinger

Reading Kiplinger's account of all the tourists who come so far to see our Nation's Capital City reminded me of how great privilege we have living here for a semester. Below is a list of things I want to do here before I leave to fully take advantage of this opportunity.

1.) Attend a performance at the Kennedy Center- I'm thinking the National Symphony Orchestra a week from Saturday.

2. )See the statue Grief in Rock Creek Cemetery that Kiplinger talks about in the article.

3.) Visit the Washington Historical Society- founded by Kiplinger's son Austin.

4.) See the Jefferson memorial- I have never been.

5.) Take an afternoon off work to take a tour of the Capitol.

6.) Go hiking on Roosevelt Island

6.) Watch the sunrise on the Lincoln Memorial.


Ayush Soni said...
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Ayush Soni said...

I can fulfill number 5, anytime next week, let's do it. Everyone else is invited as well