Thursday, November 12, 2009

How Embarassing

While I wouldn’t consider myself a pro, living in DC over the past few month has forced me to become accustomed to different aspects of life in a city. Kiplinger describes the very essence of tourists in Washington, DC, which I experienced first hand with my parents when they came to visit this past weekend. They were the epitome of Kiplinger’s “tourist.” They held up the line to go into the Metro, they walked slowly as I nearly sprinted from block to block, my mother wore shoes so uncomfortable that we were forced to stop and buy her ugly sandals to continue traveling, and they were tired after only seeing two of the stops on our list. It was utterly embarrassing at moments, until I realized I was that same “tourist” as my parent when I first arrived in August. We all ultimately outgrow our “tourist” phases. I just happened to forget about mine until I was forced to become the tour guide myself.

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