Friday, May 20, 2011

Is the GOP Losing Their Grip On Reality?

I don't really agree with the author's discussion of birtherism, which seems pretty dead to me now, but agree with the overarching analysis in the piece.

In related news, Jon Huntsman is catching some heat from conservatives for acknowledging that 90 percent of climate scientists agree that global warming is occurring:

And the primaries haven't even started yet! Don't worry, more mind-boggling entertainment, and general foolishness is on it's way.


Megan said...

"None of your business" means that Christie doesn't believe in evolution?

PBM said...

I think the author's point is that he probably does because he's a smart guy but that he can't say that publicly because if he did, he would anger evangelicals, whose votes could affect his chances of garnering the GOP nomination for President in the future.

TJE said...

Or it could mean "don't ask me stupid questions."

PBM said...

It could, but I still think the author's point about the GOP electorate stands.

Palanders said...

and what does it say, if a stupid question asking about opinions on evolution, has to be taken seriously in the modern Republican party?

What's even more scary is how many Tea Party leaders who honestly seem to believe that the debt ceiling doesn't need to be raised:

Once it gets raised, repeatedly, just how effective is their reaction of running primary opposition candidates against Republicans going to be? Current Republican 2012 candidates and party leaders sure talk a lot of crazy, but at least I know they know it's complete populist crap they have to say to please the seething right. What happens once the Tea Party takes over the party or has sizable representation in Congress who actually believe this crap? (Insert nightmares here)

Anyways, hopefully every single leading Republican candidate runs into flak for out-flip-flopping John Kerry (I'm looking at you- Romney, Pawlenty, Huntsman, Gingrich, etc.)