Friday, December 4, 2009

The USA Patriot Act: Renew, Revise, or Repeal?

Yesterday, the Cato Institute held a discussion titled "The USA Patriot Act: Renew, Revise or Repeal?" featuring Julian Sanchez, Research Fellow, Cato Institute; Gregory Nojeim, Senior Counsel, The Center for Democracy and Technology; Jena Baker McNeill, Homeland Security Policy Analyst, The Heritage Foundation; and Richard Samp, Chief Counsel, Washington Legal Foundation. Moderated by Tim Lynch, Director, Project on Criminal Justice, Cato Institute.

This is of particular interest to me because I am writing my research paper on the Patriot Act and analyzing its durability from its enactment in 2001 to the present. The entire 80-minute discussion was recorded and provided for online webcast below:

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