Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Saying No to College

Hey DC Crew,

As we all prepare to study for our finals, wrap up our Independent Projects and practice in front of the mirrors to shape up our oral presentations -- I have found this helpful -- maybe we should all throw down the books and call it quits.  I'm kidding of course, but I came across this rather intriguing article on a popular trend toward "Saying No to College."  The argument goes that the successful million and billionaires, Jobs and Zuckerberg, of silicon valley have reached status without a degree that college has lost its value -- so it feasible of course that we all do the same.

Notable Quotes:

“College puts a lot of constraints, a lot of limitations around what you can and can’t do,” Mr. Hagen said. “Some people, they want to stretch their arms, get out and create more, do more.”

“People are being conned into thinking that this credential is the one thing you need to do better in life,” he said on “60 Minutes” last spring, adding, “they typically are worse off, because they have amassed all this debt.”

“I think kids with a five-year head start on equally ambitious peers will be ahead in both education and income,” said Mr. Altucher, who regrets graduating from Cornell. “They could go to a library, read a book a day, take courses online. There are thousands of ways.”

This New York Times article is worth the read and it even makes reference to MOOCs.


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