Friday, December 4, 2009

Some more sensible stuff about global warming

Referring to the second to last graf, but had to quote at length because the first part is so great.
Back in the summer, I wrote in a column south of the border:
If you’re 29, there has been no global warming for your entire adult life. If you’re graduating high school, there has been no global warming since you entered first grade. There has been no global warming this century. None. Admittedly the 21st century is only one century out of the many centuries of planetary existence, but it happens to be the one you’re stuck living in.
In response to that, the shrieking pansies of the eco-left had a fit. The general tenor of my mail was summed up by one correspondent: “How can you live with your lies, dumb­f–k?” George Soros’s stenographers at Media Matters confidently pronounced it a “false claim.” Well, take it up with Phil Jones. He agrees with me. The only difference is he won’t say so in public.

Which is a bit odd, don’t you think?

How about we do a bunch of easy stuff first with deregulation and money that is already committed, like making it a lot easier to build nuclear power plants and spending that "stimulus" money on a massive upgrade of electrical grid instead of repaving 12 miles of highway in each Congressional district? Maybe some experimental seeding of the Arctic atmosphere with reflective particulates. All cheap, reversible stuff that will give governments some chance to show competence.

No, really.

When you start with a massive transfer of wealth and an almost gleeful deconstruction of consumer capitalism, you are bound to trigger equally massive resistance, almost no matter how swell your science and how scary your predictions of catastrophe. That is so obvious, one is forced to wonder whether the real point is the massive transfer of wealth and the deconstruction of consumer capitalism.
Nicely put.


Evan said...

It's really bad when the first sentence you quote is wrong:

image here.

Evan said...

Adding, I'd actually like to see major electrical grid infrastructure done. I'm ambivalent on nuclear, but deregulation unquestionably raises electrical prices.

They're deregulating PA electric and our bill at home is set to go up significantly as a result. My power at home is basically all nuclear-generated.

Lachlan said...

There hasn't been a significant rise in temperature since 1998. If you were 29 last summer, the temperature hasn't meaningfully increased since you were eighteen, i.e. in "your adult life."

Lachlan said...
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Lachlan said...

Oh, and one more note. NASA refuses to submit to FOIA requests for its climate measurement methodology, so your source is suspect.