Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aggregated poll numbers on healthcare

Could be due to the ever-changing legislation (ie it keeps getting worse), but for some reason, Americans like Congress's health care plans less and less every day.


Evan said...

Or it could be that lots of people feel that we have a bill that doesn't do enough, and they're growing increasingly frustrated as the bill gets increasingly "centrist".

It's I think a weird function of how we poll events that we assume all Democrats or Republicans are in the "yes" column for their particular President's initiatives, and everyone opposed is an independent or someone of the opposite party. But that isn't always the case.

Lachlan said...

Like I said, it could be that the bill is getting worse.

I think it's interesting that when I post poll numbers on health care generally, you immediately assume that I'm contending that people don't want reform, a public option, a mandate, or whatever. I also said nothing about the party affiliations of the people polled. You're putting words in my mouth and extrapolating things that I did not say.

Evan said...

You're saying that the bill is (well, bills are) getting worse. Since the bills are also getting less liberal as they go along...well, maybe you and I see more eye to eye on this than I thought.

My bad.

Lachlan said...

No worries.

But don't get me wrong, I don't want a public option, or a mandate, etc. But, as we've been talking about in class, this bill, like all others, is becoming an incomprehensible mush of congressional blather. I think Americans are sensing that whatever comes out of Congress, it's probably not going to do much (and definitely going to fall short of what was promised them).

Holly said...

Then how the hell are we supposed to enact any sort of worthwhile change? If Congress and a whole entity cannot get it together to do something even marginally helpful to the public, then what's left? Should we reduce government to an organizational structure for ballot initiatives? It seems to work well in certain places already, at least at giving the people what they think they WANT? There goes any sort of trusteeship though..