Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wow. A slim (but increasing, compared to earlier today) majority of NPR listeners are siding with FNC against White House attacks

Poll results, as of now:

White House: 152,282
Fox: 154,506
Neither: 5,927

UPDATE (8 PM) - noticing a trend

White House: 157,110
Fox: 194,993
Neither: 6,563


Evan said...

Unscientific polls are unscientific.

Lachlan said...

Notice I said 'NPR listeners' not Americans, or whatever.

Evan said...

That isn't even NPR listeners. One conservative blog links to that poll and says "VOTE FOR FOX" and all of the sudden you see the result.

It isn't a "sampling" of NPR listeners, or really any demographic. It's meaningless.