Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meet the Nobel nominees who were passed over for Obama


Holly said...

This actually makes me mad. I really do not understand why they would give the award to Obama, especially when if they REALLY wanted to give it to him at some point, they could have waited until he accomplished something of worth (healthcare reform perhaps?). I'd like to meet the people who thought this was a good idea, and ask them to tell each of the other candidates personally their justification. Anyway, hopefully they'll do better next time, and by then hopefully Obama will have earned it...

Ayush Soni said...

Disclaimer: This is just my devil's advocate side speaking.

Judging from what I read in that post, it doesn't seem like anyone on that list really accomplished anything.

1) Women are still being persecuted in Afghanistan, and didn't they already give the Nobel Peace Prize for this exact same thing a couple of years ago?

2) I don't see how being a prisoner really got anything done. I'm sure she did something but it doesn't say what in this blog.

3) I don't know about the women situation in Congo, so I'm not going to make assumptions about this one.

4) This is a good cause but there are still land mines and bombs everywhere.

5&6) China is still an oppressive regime and doesn't look like it will be changing anytime soon, seeing as how the rest of the world is turning away because if the Chinese economy.

These people all deserve some sort of award, but let's no pretend they have done so much to change the world. I mentioned it before and I'll mention it again, the Nobel Peace Prize is generally given out to encourage someone to continue a cause not to award an accomplishment. These people are all deserving, but giving it to a World leader like President Obama will reach out to so many more people and if it encourages Obama to continue his fight for peace, it will have a much bigger effect than giving it to some guy who was in jail for 17 years.

Lachlan said...

The prize is (should be?) given to award concrete efforts to advance world peace. All of these people actually did something. If your standard were the basis for the award, there would be no point in giving it out. We haven't achieved world peace, so does that mean that everyone has attempted to further the objective has failed? Of course not.

Unlike Obama, most of these people (I'm not sure about those who were political prisoners, but I don't know their stories) actually took action to further world peace. They didn't just talk about it.