Thursday, October 22, 2009

Market-friendly health care


Evan said...

Bad idea for a number of reasons.

His point #1 is rebutted by the only major study on health insurance purchasing patters in America, a 1980s study done by RAND. Note that the 80s is basically before the era of managed care.

Point #2 is good and all, but the effect of Texas' tort reform is murky at best. (see here and here.

#3, the idea of making incentives for purchasing insurance is okay, but tax credits are spent money by the government. And wouldn't the same effect be achieved by a voucher single-payer or some other market-based solution?

Many of his remaining arguments are in the bill, and weirdly #10 seems to strongly argue for a single payer system.

So he's full of a bunch of bad ideas, repeats a few good ideas, many of which are in health care bills already, and then comes out in favor of a really weird proposal which hasn't been the status quo in 50 years.

Lachlan said...

Busy this morning?

Evan said...

Easier to talk about health reform than seagulls.

(No shot at Oliva, but what am I even supposed to say to that?)