Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Got this email from a NewsBusters reader

I don't think it says anything dramatic about the health care bill specifically, but more about the legislative process and the system of federal regulations we have in place.

After browsing the 1502 page "America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009"

I did some simple word counts.

The following words appear in the bill
Offense 10 times
Regulation 34 times
Failure 48 times
Penalty 79 times
Tax 123 times
Committee 130 times
Fee 136 times
Rules 166 times
Require 784 times
However, the word "help" only appears 5 times, and "affordable" appears 25

The following entries serve to make the document incomprehensible and
relate to directing the reader to either a different part of the document
or another document entirely.

Clause 449 times
Paragraph 1102 times
Subsection 1165 times
Section 2589 times"

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Kelsey said...

The reason that 'help' and 'affordable' probably appear so infrequently is because they are the general themes for reform. The other words are necessary in order to actually 'help' the people and make insurance 'affordable'. I agree that it does say something about the system of federal regulations that we have, but if we want reform instead of an entirely new system, we have to work within what we already have.