Thursday, October 15, 2009

Building off of my last reflective post on the Washingtonian

"Springtime in Washington made the connection: This was my home, and I loved it..."

I've wanted to live and work in Washington since I first read 1984 in the tenth grade. I am only now realizing that I am very close to fulfilling that dream. Come December, Washington will truly be my home, and I can't wait. It's an exhilarating feeling.

Bayh articulates, in detail, the sophisticated culture of Washington that I so enjoy and that I clumsily expounded upon in my last reflective blog post. D.C. is the city of the upscale, pragmatic professionals, who dine like kings, converse like statesmen, and work their hands to the bone (so to speak). I cannot wait to be part of this culture. As my roommates will attest, I love to dress formally, I enjoy upscale company, and I can't help but talk politics at the dinner table.

I just hope that my memoir of my time in this city does not end the way Mrs. Bayh's did.

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